Leather, revisited

I was invited to a place that I used to frequent a lot about 5 years ago in the Outer Mission.   It’s a master/slave couple who like to have thirds and fourths join them for fun.

I wasn’t sure if they would remember me or not but I only have good memories from being there so I thought I’d give it a shot.

The first time I went there I was greeted by the boy, stripped down and blindfolded.  I was taken downstairs and tied to a sawhorse and fucked by the master.   Things got even better from there.

Caught an Uber over there and texted them that I was there.   No answer.  Waited about 10 minutes and still no answer.   I had just taken a nice dose of G and was starting to feel pretty swirly so I decided to start walking.

Love walking on G.  What a fun time.   I walked down Mission to Ocean and up to City College.   Got right to the McDonalds when I got the text.  “Come back.” it said.     So I called another Uber, this one driven by an amazing woman who spoke about dinosaurs and imagination.

Arrived at their place and spent the night trying on gear and getting my ass pounded by master’s boy.   Master ended up passing out before anything happened.   Can’t wait to go back.   Just saw an invite for last night, hopefully it’ll be good for tonight as well.


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